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M. Johnson & Associates, LLC

Independent Case Management & Consulting

Benefits of M. Johnson Case Management
  1. We are an independent case management company.
  2. We have no obligation other than to provide the best-case management available for our clients.
  3. We attend doctor appointments related to the auto accident, with our clients.
  4. We can assure that our clients attend appointments and follows through with the plan of care.
  5. We can arrange for transportation if necessary.
  6. We encourage case conferences if necessary to provide continuity of care.
  7. We work hand in hand with internal case managers to ensure progress throughout the continuum of care.
  8. We will provide orders written by the physician to the appropriate providers of care.
  9. We work with you to show the insurance company why your services are "reasonable" and "necessary": fulfilling the requirement stated in the auto no fault law.